Day 340: Stymied by a Moose

This morning, we left Wasilla and headed South into Anchorage where we quite accidentally stumbled onto the Alaska Jewish Museum.  The museum is currently running an exhibit about Operation Magic Carpet.  Turns out the airline that facilitated the evacuation was Alaska Airlines:



After lunch, we headed to the Anchorage Public Lands Information Center.  The kids completed the Junior Ranger program there, and we watched a fascinating video program about the Great Alaska Earthquake:



We also wandered into a weekly arts and crafts bazaar:


Before dinner, we took the kids to a paved bike and hike path in Anchorage.  All was going well until we ran into a moose in the middle of the trail:


After waiting 10 minutes or so for it to leave, it just stood and stared at us.  When a seven foot tall moose refuses to move, it’s time to go the other way, so we went back to the car.  Only in Alaska!


Tonight we’re overnighting at the Chabad of Anchorage.  See the trip map for driving details and our current location.

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