Day 348: Hand Tram at Alyeska Resort

This morning I tried to straighten out the rear staircase damaged by the wheel departure last week by lashing it to a tree and then stepping down on it.  I did get it straighter, but it still won’t fold out:



On the way up the Seward Highway we passed some beautiful views:




We turned off the highway and headed up to the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood.  While Trish was making lunch, I spotted a pair of free flight paragliders come in for a landing, so I rode my bike over to talk to them.  They take the tram up to the top of the mountain, then fly down.  Some day I’ll have to try unpowered paragliding.

After lunch, we headed out on our hike.  The goal was to hike three miles in on the Winner Creek trail to a hand tram that’s used to cross an otherwise impassable river gorge. The hike starts by walking around the main resort building:





The trail starts off as a boardwalk:


After a couple miles we reached the junction for the hand tram:


We crossed a creek via a bridge:



Finally we reached the hand tram.  The tram hangs from a steel cable and is moved along by pulling on a rope loop that runs through the tram cage, then around a wheel on each side and attaches the the tram on top.  This design allows both the tram occupants and others on “shore” to help move the tram along:


After riding the tram across and back, we stopped at the bridge over the creek:




At last we returned to the resort:


Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the tracking when we drove away, so only the first half of the track is of the hike:


Since it was getting late, we decided to overnight at a pullout on the Seward Highway just outside of Girdwood.  The bottom of the RV is protected from road spray in places by tarp material, and this tarp was torn in spots as a result of the tire departure.  Before dinner, I repaired holes in the tarp by gluing on tarp scraps over the holes:


See the trip map for driving details.

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