Day 18: Young Lakes backpack, Day 1

Sunday was the beginning of our three day backpack to Young Lakes.  It took a few hours on Saturday night and most of Sunday morning to get everything packed up, but eventually we were ready to go.  Trish and I were using the same packs we had purchased to backpack to Young Lakes with my parents in ‘99, and the kids were sporting their brand new internal frame packs:



As I watched our son hike towards Cathedral Mountain, I considered the fact that he’s the third generation in our family to do this backpack:


We were hiking towards Young Lakes via the Glen Aulin trail, so we did a quick side trip to soda springs and Parson’s Lodge, a rustic cabin maintained by the Park Service. Our son did a little reading:





We were at nearly 10,000 feet of elevation, and on the climbs our labored breathing reminded us that the air is thinner at these heights:



As we came within a couple miles of Young Lakes, our son said “What’s over that ridge?”, so he and I hiked cross-county to take a look.  The Yosemite Wilderness seems to go on forever:



We caught up with Trish and our daughter and took a break:


Here we are hiking below Ragged Peak, which towers above Young Lakes:


As the sun began to set, we found a nice spot on the Eastern end of the lake to set up our tent.  The view was simply amazing:



The stars that night were amazing.  The glow at the horizon was from the Rim Fire, burning 50 miles away:



Here are our hike stats:

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