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29 weeks, 5 days to go!

Our RV doesn’t have a slide, and there’s quite a bit packed in there, so there’s not much floor space:



Trish was worried that the lack of floor space might get a bit oppressive after a year.  Buying a larger RV is out, so instead I removed the sofa and moved one of the dinette’s bench seats next to the sink.  It was a little scary ripping out the furniture, but it worked out in the end and It looks like this now:



The furnace was under the sofa and is now under the bench next to the sink, so I have to reroute the furnace duct in the photo above.

I’ll be adding wall mounted fold down tables in front of each bench, a large table where the old table was, and a narrow table in front of the bench next to the sink.  We will use folding chairs on the other side of the big table so that all four of us can sit together for dinner, etc.  This also gives us the option of installing floor to ceiling cabinetry along the wall formerly behind the sofa.

This should work out quite well, as we now have two “stations” for home school, and at the same time we’ve freed up a tremendous amount of floor space.  We’ve lost the ability to sleep guests on the sofa and dinette, but that wasn’t a feature we were planning on using anyway.

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