2010 Summer Vacation, Day 12

Monday morning we had an early start.  Here we are ready to leave:



We dumped our tanks at a gas station in Jackson, which was….. interesting.  We then drove South to Hoback Junction for our horseback ride:






We started off together, then M and Trish split off to complete the two hour ride while B and I completed the one hour ride.

B’s horse was a 27 year-old fellow named Spud.  Spud is moved along by slapping him with a length of rope, known as “the Spud Whacker”.  B did a great job keeping Spud going, and pulling up on his reins when he tried to eat.



Trish and M are up front:Tetons2010_Day11_04


B and I with the guide:




Meanwhile, Trish and M headed off on their two-hour ride, which took them off the road onto the ridge above:




While B and I were waiting for M and Trish to return, B spotted me while I crawled under the RV, stripped the brake wires, and replaced the wire nut so that both RV wheels now brake, meaning that the RV will no longer heave to one side when we brake.

We left the stables and continued South along the Snake river to the West Table river access, where we waited for the folks from Teton Whitewater to show up.  Our guide was Ammon, and he was great.  He asked the other boats not to splash us because there was a “princess” on board.  The four of us were in the back row.  Here we are entering the class-3 Big Kahuna rapids:



Everyone had a great time.  Thanks Ammon!

From there we headed South, for a dozen or so miles even being 100 yards over the border into Idaho, then sadly turned to the East.  We had reached the Westernmost extent of our trip.  It was time to head for home.

I had chosen a dispersed campsite on BLM land just East of Fossil Butte National Monument, but there was intervening private land, so we continued on.  We eventually found a place to get off the road just a few hundred yards from the road to the National Monument.  The sunset was beautiful.  Fossil Butte is in the background:




While we set up the RV, the kids collected bones they found lying about, probably from a cow.  Did I mention that I love dispersed camping?

We drove 172 miles today.  The white circles indicate the location of the horse corral and the river access.


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