2011 Summer Vacation, Days 1-4

Last year’s vacation worked out so well, mechanical difficulties notwithstanding, that we decided to do it again.  A bit more South this time, and about 1,000 miles farther.  6,266 miles in 21 days.  The plan was to leave Wednesday night, be in Dallas for Shabbos, spend the first week working our way to the second Shabbos in Phoenix, spend the second week working our way towards the third Shabbos in Denver, and then drive the last 1,831 miles back over Sunday and Monday:



We left Wednesday night, and by early Thursday morning we had driven 300 miles were bunked down at the Walmart of Winchester, VA:



First stop Thursday, Shenandoah National Park:






We were more than a little disappointed.  Compared to the National Parks of the West, Shenandoah wasn’t at all impressive.  The vistas were comparable to the views from the foothills of Oregon.



We did see a bear family crossing the road:




Continuing East, we passed within 20 miles of the TrailManor Factory, but passed by too late at night to visit.  That night, after driving 816 miles, we stayed at the Walmart in Nashville, TN:



We drove most of Friday (451 miles) and spent Shabbos in Dallas, and had the pleasure of being hosted for meals by two very nice families (names withheld for privacy).  The house at which we parked had it’s own RV pad!  Dallas was hot, but the A/C held up OK.

Here’s a map showing where we overnighted:


Mongaup Pond for Memorial Day weekend
2011 Summer Vacation, Days 5 and 6

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