Day 32: Portland, OR to Clatsop State Forest, OR

Rosh Hashanah and Shabbos were wonderful with our old community!  It was great to see all our old friends and get to meet the newer arrivals as well.  The synagogue and the community are larger than they were when we left.  It was also fun to see adults that were our son’s age when we moved away.

We’ve decided to spend this week at the Oregon coast, so we headed west from Portland, stopping at Target and Home Depot for supplies.  We then continued west to Hillsboro, where we bought our first house after getting married.  We dumped tanks and refilled our water at the same dump station we used for our first RV in the 90s.  It wasn’t as moving as I make it sound.

We then visited the afore mentioned house.  It’s been repainted since we bought it brand new in ‘98:


Continuing west, I tried to find a dispersed camping site for the night.  After having to back out a good way down a gravel road when we encountered a logging fence, we at last found a nice spot near Hamlet, NY.

At night, I finally wired up the switch and indicator LED I purchased in Reno to turn our inverter on and off from inside the RV:


We drove 68 miles today.   See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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