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29 weeks, 1 day to go!

When we’re on the road, we need to have access to critical documents.  Also, I don’t want to pack up the four-drawer filing cabinet that’s full of the last 20 years of our “important” papers.  We recently purchased the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300, a high speed scanner that scans both sides of the page as it feeds it through.  The software can be set to treat each page as a separate document, or treat multiple scans as one large document.  When done scanning, the document is rendered to PDF and uploaded to Google Drive.  The PDFs are scanned for text before uploading, so they can be searched by phrase in Google Drive.  I then manually title the documents and place them into folders for easy retrieval later.  The Google Drive PC application then downloads the documents back to my PC, preserving the directory structure I’ve set up in Google Drive.  The end result is searchable digital documents sorted into folders, stored on my PC and backed up in the cloud.  Our daughter mans (girls?) the shredder and the papers go out the door.

I’ve already reduced the amount of paper in the filing cabinet by half, and now my documents are available anywhere, anytime!

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