Bed lifts

28 weeks, 6 days to go!

I visited the website to check the countdown, and accidentally typed in “”.  I’m so glad that’s not my reality for much longer!

I spent most of yesterday working in the RV.  Our largest storage area in the RV is under the last 30 inches of the bed.  The forward majority of the bed rests on an elevated “floor” which is the roof of the forward pass-through compartment which is accessed by a pair of hatches on either side of the outside of the RV.  The foot of the bed rests atop a toy chest-sized enclosure.  Lifting the toy chest’s lid is really hard, as the matresses are being bent up as the lid is lifted.  Getting stuff in and out is accomplished by resting your knees on the floor, lifting the lid with both hands, resting the lid on your shoulder, and quickly loading and unloading before your shoulder starts to bruise.  I used a fish scale to measure the force necessary to lift the lid, and I exceeded the scale’s 60 pound limit.

This problem is a thing of the past thanks to a pair of 120lb gas struts.  Now the lid lifts with one hand and stays up.  The lid also goes down with just a few pounds of pressure.





Now all I have to do is find some kind of trim for the leading edge of the lid, as its rough wood edge catches on the underside of the matresses.  Once that’s solved, it should be perfect!

Bleached wood to pixels
Cabinets and drawers

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