Day 46: Portland area destinations

Days  42-45 were spent preparing for and enjoying Sukkos and Shabbos with the Kesser community in Portland.  I went for a ride this morning:


I rode by my Grandparent’s old condo complex:


A lot has changed in the 12 years since we’ve moved away, like an actual roundabout where before the only thing to watch out for was tractor traffic:


Early morning farmlands:


I think the town had 70,000 people when we moved away:


I rode by my childhood home:


…and past my elementary school:


Once I returned to Portland, we drove to Hillsboro for an afternoon session at my childhood rink, Skate World:


At the rink we met Jason and Carrie, high school friends of mine, and had a great time chatting.

After the skate session was over, we drove to Jackson Bottom for a hike in the wetlands.  For some reason, there was a chicken there:


All in all, another great day!

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