Trip Map

The map’s data set is large, it may take some time to load.

This is our route to date. We try to update this in tandem with our latest blog postings.

Click on the colored segments below to view the corresponding blog post. Clicking the square in the upper right corner will show the map full screen:

2 thoughts on “Trip Map

  1. WOW! For the past 6 hours I’ve been following your travels and reminiscing over many of the same destinations. Well done for all of you and how brave! Love how you’ve documented everything so well online to make the story interactive and easy to jump around and/or follow. I thought we were really good cross country van travellers, but you guys are amazing! I thought we had a lot of Jr Ranger Badges and Xplorer Dog Tags, but we definitely don’t have a wall. My kids were jealous! Love all the mods to the rv etc. too. Lots of ingenious stuff. You’ve got quite the range of skills. …along with the rest of the family. High praise to all. Safe travels.

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