Day 600: Las Vegas Urban RVing, Day 5

This morning the kids went with Bubbe to the Henderson library:


Since we’ve used up our 72 hours of curbside RV parking at my parents’ house, we moved over to a local RV park.  Thanks to our Passport America membership, we’re only paying $13.50 a night here.  We would have camped down at Jean Lake, but temperatures are expected to be in the low 90s this week, and it will be nice to have unlimited water and electricity as we prepare for Passover in earnest over the next few days:


I can’t wait to get back to dispersed camping.

Day 400: Las Vegas, Day 16

This morning we drove out to Jean Lake for my third flight there:












Out of the seat, coming in for a landing:


Here’s a video of the flight:

Tricia’s high school friend Joe happened to be in town so he came out to spectate:


M continues to practice for his bar mitzvah.  Zaidy taped together M’s portion for him so he can read it as if it’s the actual Torah scroll:


This afternoon I completed the shelves for B’s half of the room:


Trish soldiered on making deserts for the Bar Mitzvah:



Only two more days until the big event!

Day 399: Las Vegas, Day 15

Preparations for M’s bar mitzvah continue. Trish and B spent most of the day at the Rabbi’s house, using the kitchen to prepare the lunch for the 100 or so congregants and guests we expect to be having in shul on Shabbos.

Trish has also been experimenting with sculptable frosting to make edible tefillin for the tops of cupcakes:


Meanwhile, M has been practicing his Torah reading and pshetl, and I’ve been rebuilding the shelving we had to remove from the bunkhouse when we split it into two separate bedrooms.

The rest of the week will no doubt be increasingly hectic!

Day 398: Las Vegas, Day 14

The repair of the broken RV cabinet door continues. Zaidy glued it all together and is holding it all together with clamps and bricks:


The kids worked together to disassemble our broken inverter before we throw it away:


Trish did most of the shopping for the bar mitzvah today, and M has been practicing his torah reading, so I think we’re in good shape for this coming Shabbos.

Day 397: Las Vegas, Day 13

Today I rode a 44 mile bike loop that took me to Lake Mead and back. Some was on road, but much of it was on a bike path that meandered through the desert. The headwinds were harsh down by the lake, where I noticed a red flag was being flown at the marina. On the other hand, I had a corresponding tailwind at the end of the ride which had me maintaining a 35mph average for the last half dozen miles.

Great views of Lake Mead were had for much if the ride: