Day 392: Las Vegas, Day 8

This morning, M put on tefillin for the first time:


After shul, I went for a bike ride.  For most of the ride I tagged along with a rider who works as a Wine Director at one of the local casinos.

This afternoon, we moved over to a local RV park, as we had used up the 72 hours of curbside parking my parents’ HOA allows at their house.  It’s $46 a night here, so we joined Passport America to get 50% off, which will pay for itself after two days:


Trish and I left the kids with my parents and drove down to see the water show at the Bellagio, our first date in at least 392 days!  It was our first and hopefully last time on the strip:





We walked through a part of the Bellagio, which sports among other things the world’s largest chocolate fountain:


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