2012 Vacation, Day 16

This morning we were kicked out of our first Walmart parking lot.  Despite Walmart giving us permission to park in the lot, it turns out that the lot is in fact owned by the mall that Walmart is part of, and the mall doesn’t allow overnight parking.

Today we’re visiting Disney World!  We drove to the Disney campground in the park, then took the boat across the lake from the campground to the park.  We arrived at the gates at opening time along with a few other people:




There were a number of parades and performances going on throughout the day:






We used the smartphone application for Disney World to optimize the order in which we visited rides.  The FastPass system allowed us to hold a spot in line at some rides while we visited other rides.  We of course visited the “It’s a small world” ride:


Animatronic presidents:


The Enchanted Tiki Room, featuring hundreds of singing robotic birds.  It’s only a little creepy:


We stayed at the Disney campground because it allowed us to stay in the park until 1AM, instead of 9pm when “normal” guests had to leave the park.  We saw the night parade:


…And rode rides until the park closed at 1AM.  Thanks to Fastpass, we managed to ride every ride in the park today except the train that goes around the park.  Trish and the kids rode all the big roller coasters while I spectated.



Leaving the park:


Tonight we’re staying in the Disney campground.

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