Day 403: Las Vegas, Day 19

M’s bar mitzvah over Shabbos was a tremendous success.  Last week, Trish and B prepared the lunch for the shul, and about 90 people showed up.  M read the Torah very well and gave a nice pshetl as well.

This morning, I took our friend Rabbi M back to the airport.  He came in from Monsey for the Bar Mitzvah, which was really great.

After getting back form the airport, I managed to catch a 40ish mile club ride with the Green Valley Cyclists.  The ride fragmented into an A group and a B group, and I managed to stay up front for most of the ride.  There were about 20 riders, and it was nice to get back into pace line riding.

Later in the day, we said goodbye to my brother and his daughters, who had flown in for the Bar Mitzvah:


Today I finished the shelving in M’s bedroom:


We moved the RV to my parents’ house for the night.  We hope to leave Las Vegas tomorrow, heading for cooler climes.

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2 thoughts on “Day 403: Las Vegas, Day 19

  1. Mazal tov to M (and to Trish/B for the preparations).

    We celebrated the event in New Hempstead – actually mentioned M’s bar mitzvah at our Shabbos table.

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