Day 424: One (siyum) for the road

This morning, the Daf Yomi completed tractate Chagigah, so the group in Portland that learns Day Yomi (which includes me when we’re in town) made a siyum for not only Chagigah, but the entire Seder Moed. Chagigah is the last of the twelve tractates that make up Seder Moed.

It was exciting to share this simcha with the community:


After the siyum, we carefully backed out of the Chabad of Oregon’s parking lot (one of the more challenging maneuvers we’ve done on this trip) and drove West to head back to Jason and Carrie’s place near Banks, stopping along the way to purchase groceries and homeschooling supplies. It’s nice to be back in the country again! We plan to be here through Wednesday, at which point we will head back to Portland for Sukkos.

We are very excited to be starting our 2014-15 homeschooling year tomorrow! We’ve added chemistry and geography to our mix of subjects. Stay tuned!

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