Day 432: First Sukkah in Banks

This morning we built a small sukkah at Jason and Carrie’s house.  We found an 8’ x 8’ platform (or something) that we set on its side and attached with a pair of 2x3s to the wall of this concrete pad area:


The kids all helped to put the schach in place:


Not to shabby for 30 minutes of work:




To avoid having an accident on the way back to Portland for the last days of sukkos, I installed the new brake assemblies on the RV.  First I removed the wheels and hubs:


Next I removed the brake assemblies from the axles:


Because of faulty (or incorrectly installed) grease seals, the brake assemblies became filled with grease, making them useless:


I eventually cleaned the grease out the hubs so they could be reinstalled:Day432_10

New hub assemblies installed:


Finally I reinstalled the hubs and wheels.  Tomorrow I’ll replace the one brake assembly on the other side that needs replacing.

Meanwhile, Trish worked with the three girls making wire jewelry:



The kids enjoyed the company of the kitten:




And of course, M rode his new motorcycle today quite a bit as well:


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2 thoughts on “Day 432: First Sukkah in Banks

  1. I’m having fun reliving the memory of your visit. That kitten was eventually named Sunny and she is the best cat we’ve ever had. She is an excellent mouser and even catches moles. We credit all of Baila’s love for how sweet of a cat she is!

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