4 thoughts on “PPG Flight Filmed from the Air

  1. Rad! In answer to your questions I cancelled AT&T and am now using local sim cards. Super cheap and generally practical. The bad part is my number changes in every new country but whatever. Most people are online anyway and can get the number or the news that way. It’s mostly to talk to each other. “Where are you?” “By the Buddha.” “Which one?” and so on.

    The gift card I won being part of a twitter chat about #RTW (round the world) travel. No one was more surprised than me but hey, $500 is $500. Free 5 star hotel? I’m in!

    • You could use a PBX service to forward a US phone number to your SIM card numbers as they change, but you’re right, with e-mail you can probably get by without a static phone number.

      Enjoy the gift card!

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