Day 522: Flooded Out at the Trona Pinnacles

We woke up to the sound of rain on the roof this morning.  So much for our plans to fly my PPG and mountain bike around the spires.

Because this is an ancient lake bed, rains can flood this area, so we reluctantly decided to leave while we could.  I walked out to evaluate our exit route.  Looking back, the misting rain made the pinnacles look even more other-worldly:






We managed to back up onto the road through the pinnacles and make our way up and out to the highway.  From there, we drove west to Ridgecrest, California.  We parked at Walmart and did some homeschooling, then decided to stay here overnight so tomorrow we can visit the Naval Armament Museum on-base at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake.

See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

Day 520: The Amazing Trona Pinnacles
Day 523: US Naval Museum of Armament and Technology

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