Day 552: Salton Sea PPG, Day 9

This morning it was too windy to fly, but the kids did get some homeschool done.  B completed her caribou drawing as part of studying Russia in her Geography Through Art class:


Trish did some art of her own:


In the afternoon we drove over to visit Greg and John. Greg took M for a ride in his RZR:



M actually drove it for the last half of the route.  Greg is a brave guy:


Greg let me drive with B for a quick spin.  The RZR handled impressively on rough terrain.  It was fun!

We said farewell to John and Greg, hoping to see them here next year.  Back at the Salton Sea, I went out for two flights before sunset:


The forecast is calling for gusty winds tomorrow, so this was probably my last flight here at Salton Sea:



I had a total of 17 flights over the last nine days, not bad at all!  I’ve more than doubled my number of solo flights since training thanks to this week’s flights.  I feel like I’ve improved my launches and landings considerably, and enjoyment is starting to edge out nervousness when I get ready to fly.

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