Day 572: Quartzsite Birthday

This morning Trish made a special birthday breakfast for B:


We drove down to Tyson Wells vendor area here in Quartzsite.  Unlike our last visit, where we rubbed elbows with half a million other RVers, most of the vendors are gone this late in the season, but a few remain and we did a bit of shopping:


We filled up our propane, mailed some letters, and visited a number of gem and bead shops in town, including Gem World where this fellow lives, an oblique reference to Hi Jolly, who is buried in town:


We were only here in Quartzsite for one night, but it was fun to be back again:


We had a bit of rain last night, so the ground was a bit soft, but thankfully we did manage to get back on the road. As we drove east towards Phoenix, Trish photographed the kids in the back seat being their usual selves:




We arrived in Apache Junction, AZ a bit after sunset.  After stopping my Grandpa Glenn’s house and visited with him and Edna, we picked up some supplies at Walmart and drove a couple miles north to overnight in the Bulldog Wash OHV area of the Tonto National Forest.  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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