Day 582: Following the Weather

This morning we packed up the RV and prepared to leave Ak-Chin airport.  We were out of water, so we drove the 50 feet over to the dump station and filled our tanks.  After everyone showered, we dumped our tanks.  The slides were still out, so I had to go under the slide to pull the dump levers:


We said goodbye to Wayne and Suzie.  I learned quite a bit from Wayne over the five days we were here, so I hate to leave, but daytime highs here are now in the 90s, and we have to be in Las Vegas for Passover in just a few weeks, so we drove north towards higher elevations and cooler temperatures.

Wayne had put me in touch with PPGer Scott, who lives near Sedona and suggested we camp where he launches his PPG.  When we pulled in around sunset, we found that we had quite a bit of company:


We set up the RV while dodging piles of cow manure and fell asleep to the sounds of distant mooing.  See the trip map for today‚Äôs drive and our current location.

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