Day 89: Yosemite, Day 1

This morning was quite chilly, as you would expect for being in the Sierra Mountains in November.  We rode our bikes over to the Visitor Center where we watched an excellent video presentation, then toured the adjacent Indian Village exhibit, which demonstrated the living conditions and daily operation of the Indian settlements in Yosemite Valley before the Indians were forced into reservations:


Next we took a tour of the Ahwahnee Hotel, a luxury hotel built in the late 20s to bring people of wealth and influence to Yosemite in the hopes of turning them into supporters of the then-nascent National Park system:


On the ride back to the RV, we spotted Half Dome in the distance:



After a late lunch, we walked out of the RV and captured photographs of the alpine glow on Half Dome:




Pity sunset is at 5pm this time of year, there’s still so much to do!

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