Day 651: The Colorado Capitol Building

This morning we woke up to a cold and dreary day outside of Denver.  Locals tell me that it’s an abnormally wet May, and that normally it’s not like this.

When I first looked out the window, I thought it was foggy, but then I saw a tree way off in the distance and realized that it’s just really flat here east of Denver, at least compared to where we’ve been for the past six months.

Today we drove into the city.  Trish was thrilled to be able to buy meat for the first time since we left Las Vegas.  While Trish and the kids were shopping, I was doing the laundry.  Afterwards, we visited the Capitol building in downtown Denver:


Looking up into the dome:



The house chambers are being renovated:


The Senate chambers are being worked on as well:



The landing under the dome sported portraits of all the presidents.  This was my favorite part of the Capitol:


This pair of photographs shows the senate chamber with the senators sitting in identical poses.  The right photo is from 1905, and the left from 2015:



We were happy to visit this, our fourth Capitol building.  We previously visited the Capitol Buildings of Nevada, Washington, and Yukon Territory.

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