Day 695: Onward to New York

This morning we conveniently woke up at Albert Airport, so I walked the PPG out to the runway for a flight:


Launch of flight #53:



It’s pretty, in a farm community kind of way:


Flying over the runway, the RV is parked on the right side of the photo.  Walking the PPG out that quarter mile to the runway was not so much fun:




A lower pass, showing the RV on the right next to the hangar building:


Lining up for a landing:



Back at the RV, we packed up to head out:


M worked on his writing homeschool in the car:


After a good bit of driving, we arrived in New York, where it all started almost 700 days ago:



This afternoon I went for a bike ride up in the Harriman Mountains:

We will be in town for a while doing repairs on the house for the tenants.  Trish and B hope to ride in the Tour de Simcha charity ride.  Please contact us to help support B in her quest to be the youngest rider ever to ride the 72 miles to raise money to fund summer camp opportunities for special needs and seriously ill children.

Good Shabbos from Monsey, New York! Tonight we’re overnighting at a local synagogue, then moving the RV into our driveway on Sunday, which may be somewhat involved.  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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Day 697: Getting Into Our Driveway

4 thoughts on “Day 695: Onward to New York

  1. Wow, full circle. Think you’ll see any of the folks? If you do give ‘em my regards. I forgot you still had a house in NY LOL That’s gonna be weird in a “Look at this giant place I used to live’ kind of way, no?

    • Yes, I do hope to make it down there to say hello. Its fun to see the old neighborhood and friends, but the house doesn’t do anything for me really. Its just another driveway to park in.

      • That’s good. Looks like we’ll be spending the winter in Florida. I have mixed feelings about coming back to the states but we want to see the kids, my family, and refill the old savings account some and we have a place to stay and some opportunities there so…the adventure continues!

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