Day 711: Big Ride with Moshe

Shabbos was great!  We had our meals with the Moskovitzs.  For lunch, Moshe and his family came over as well and we heard about all the exciting things the kids did and saw on last week’s Jewish Wilderness Adventure backpacking trip.  In the afternoon, most of the boys from the trip came to the Moskovitz house where we heard more about the trip.  It sounds like everyone had a great time!  We’re hoping M will talk about his trip on his blog.

Today Moshe and I did a 50 mile ride through the Harriman Range.  Signs like these are how you know you’re in Monsey:


The ride was grueling and it was very hot and muggy out.  The last ten miles were very difficult, and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it for the next few days:

In what is no doubt the first of many transactions, we sold our tandem kayaks to a neighbor.  We will continue to downsize our lives, especially once we figure out where we want to settle after the trip:


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