Day 763: Moncton, New Brunswick to Merrymeeting Field, Maine

Today we said goodbye to the Moncton Casino after replenishing our gas, propane, and DEF.  We stopped at the information center in St John, New Brunswick to dump sewer and fill fresh water.  We then crossed back into the US in Calais, Maine.  Unlike our entry into Canada from the US, the US border agent poked around the RV for a bit before letting us proceed.  On the way to Bangor we had a gas station incident when the nozzle trigger was somehow already engaged so when the latch was flipped to start the pump, the nozzle sprayed diesel everywhere for a second or so until I disengaged the nozzle trigger.  Good times!

In Bangor, we were planning to pick up a couple packages at our friends’ house, but at 6:30pm UPS still hadn’t delivered, so we had dinner in a supermarket lot.  By the time we were done the package had arrived:


We continued on, stopping at Walmart to buy groceries before arriving at Merrymeeting Field in Bowdoinham, Maine.  We stayed here four weeks ago on our way up to Canada, so we’re thrilled to be hosted here again!  The weather doesn’t look good, but hopefully I’ll be able to get in a flight or two like I did last time we were here.

See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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