Day 767: Bowdoinham to Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Shabbos was sunny and beautiful at Merrymeeting Field in Bowdoinham, Maine, ironically the first flyable day since we arrived.  Mid-morning, we walked into town to see the town parade that was part of Bowdoinham Days.  Before bed on Saturday night, we watched the fireworks from our RV.

This morning was rainy once again, so unlike last time we stayed here, I didn’t get any flying in during our visit.  Thanks for hosting us again Mark! 

We packed up and headed south to Old Orchard Beach, where we will be spending Rosh Hashanah with our Portland friends Baruch and Elise, who now live in Sharon, Massachusetts, and their neighbors Burt and Alice who hosted us in their driveway when we stopped over in Sharon.  We were slated to park in a driveway of a building owned by Neal, who lives in Old Orchard Beach, but in the end his brother Alan invited us to stay at the campground he owns, so we drove over there and settled in:


Thanks Neal and Alan!

We finished preparing food for the holiday, some of which we will take over to Burt and Alice’s condo rental and Baruch and Elise’s Hotel as we will be having meals together:


Happy New Year from Old Orchard Beach, Maine! 

See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.  The blog will return after the holiday, which concludes on Tuesday evening.

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