Day 891: Salton Sea, Day 5

In preparation to help Ron and Carol get the travel trailer in their yard unstuck, I had to get my hitch lock off so I could hitch up to the travel trailer.  Repeated applications of de-rusting agent finally allowed me to unlock and remove the hitch lock.  I took it apart, cleaned and lubricated the parts, and put it back together:


In the end, I decided to not risk getting my truck stuck by trying to brute-force the trailer out of the ruts the wheels were in, which were about a foot deep.  Ron hitched up his Jeep to the trailer so he could go straight back.  Then, we jacked up the RV until the wheels were above ground level.  We then filled in the ruts and placed leveling blocks under the tires so the tires wouldn’t sink back in to the sand:



After doing the same on the other side of the RV, we built a “road” of four blocks under and behind each wheel of the trailer and Jeep.  Ron would back up until he ran out of blocks, then he would stop and we would move the blocks from in front of the wheels to behind them, forming a new two-foot-long road.  After a half dozen repeats of this process, we managed to back out of the sandy part of the yard get the RV and Jeep back on to firm ground:


Carol gave me this cactus in thanks, but I settled for a photo of it since the last time we had a plant in the RV we spent a good bit of time returning the dirt to the pot after every time we moved the RV:


This afternoon, I went for a bike ride to the west up the grade towards Borrego Springs.  I guess Imperial County doesn’t place too high of a priority on road maintenance.  Riding this surface, which lasted about five miles, was really unpleasant:


Eventually the road improved as it would its way up towards the radio tower, which is near the high point between Salton City and Borrego Springs:


San Diego County must have more money for road maintenance:


Also at the county line is the eastern boundary of Anza Borrego State Park:


On the way back down, I stopped at a scenic overlook, looking back towards Salton City:



Good Shabbos from the Salton Sea!


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2 thoughts on “Day 891: Salton Sea, Day 5

  1. Hmm. Your map doesn’t seem to be working right. It just shows the whole US. Yes, this is a bug report. Is the Salton Sea smelling any better? i finally hooked up with a band here in Jax and have been making some money so maybe I won’t have to go back in the box after all. Even if I wanted to there haven’t been many bites so hopefully it shall all work out as it is intended to. Whatever that means. :-) Best to you and the fam! Any progress on plans for settling somewhere for a spell?

    • Hi Andy, it doesn’t smell so bad here right now. We think we might settle in Phoenix for the kids’ high school years, we will see. The trip map seems to load for me, is it still not working for you? Are you saying that you see the Google map but not the lines drawn on top of it?

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