Day 921: Hanging out at Ogilby

Shabbos at Ogilby was hot but nice.  In the morning, Jonathan and Canyon flew the area for quite some time.  I went for a walk and met two fulltime families with young kids, Justin and Anne of and Willi and Julia of  Towards evening, Jonathan and Canyon drove back to Glamis to fly over the roughly 150,000 visitors at Glamis this weekend, one of the two busiest weekends at Glamis.

Winds were too strong to fly today, so in addition to homeschool we did other things than needed doing.  Towards afternoon the light falls dramatically on the Cargo Muchacho Mountains:


Trish photographed more of her crocheted creations:


The kids tried out the bubble wands Trish picked up at the last Walmart:


The sunsets here always impress:



M did some fancy biking:





Sunset selfie:


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4 thoughts on “Day 921: Hanging out at Ogilby

  1. The soap bubbles reminded me of this website. I used their recipe for Guar Gum soap bubbles and their basic tri-string wand instructions to make some bubbles that were over 5 ft long and 3 ft wide this past summer. If the humidity is high and the temp is low, they’ll float a very long time without popping.

    Maybe you could turn this into a science lesson. Or just something fun to do.

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