Day 923: Ogilby to Ak-Chin

For the first time in days, the winds let up enough to fly, so I launched flight #93:



After breakfast, I took the kids for a bike ride.  B had to repair her third flat since arriving here:


We rode our bikes out to the Obregon pit mine:


We passed this mining structure on the way back:



We hitched up, drove over to the border, and walked into Mexico to pick up Tricia’s glasses:


While waiting in line to return to the US, we saw two people climb the fence and enter the US illegally.

Continuing east, we crossed into Arizona:


As we were driving through Yuma, we saw an RV dealer with a selection of truck campers.  We’ve talked about downsizing to a truck camper once the kids move out, but after looking at even the largest truck camper with two slides we decided they are still too small:


We also stopped for diesel and propane.  During our grocery stop at Walmart, we saw this PPC fly by:


We continued on to overnight on abandoned land next to the Ak-Chin airport near Maricopa, Arizona, where I hope to fly for a couple days.

See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

Day 922: Day Trip to Mexico
Day 924: Flying Ak-Chin

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