Day 956: Purim Prep in Santa Fe

Shabbos at the Camel Rock Casino was restful and quiet. 

Today we assembled our shalach manos for Purim:



Trish organized all the items she’s crocheted in the last few weeks:


My parents came up from Las Vegas to spend a few days with us here in Santa Fe.  We spent a couple hours chatting in front of their hotel:


My parents brought with them the Junior Ranger badges for those sites we had visited in the past and just now received the badges.

We’ve crossed the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail several times on our trip, so we submitted the workbooks and received the badges:


When we visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty this past autumn, those sites had run out of badges, so we received them now.  Since both sites are part of the same NPS unit, we received two identical badges, even though each site had its own Junior Ranger workbook:


We visited Fort Pulaski in 2012 but didn’t hand in the workbooks during our visit:


We picked up a few packages and filled up our water in Santa Fe and headed back to the RV.  M received his much-anticipated R/C truck today, but more about that tomorrow:


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