Day 134: London bridge is falling down (to Arizona)

It was a beautiful morning in Craggy Wash near Lake Havasu City, AZ.  When on a downward slope, the easiest way to level the RV is to drive the back of the SUV up onto some blocks:



I went for a morning ride with my son to explore the wash:


Craggy wash is quite popular.  I climbed the mountain shown in the first photograph and looked to the west:


And back down to our RV.  Our neighbors had a daughter the same age as ours.  They played together a bit.  It sounds like they are on the road permanently, as she has always been home schooled:


The view to the east:


We drove into Lake Havasu City.  In 1968, Robert McCulloch bought the London Bridge and had it reassembled in Lake Havasu City as a tourist attraction.  A block of “English” shops have been built at the foot of the bridge:





Behold, the bridge (yawn):



After lunch we headed south to dispersed camping outside of Quartzsite, AZ, also known as the RVing capital of the world.  More on that tomorrow.    See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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