Day 141: Back to basics

This morning we packed up and said goodbye to Grandpa Glenn and Edna.  We stopped at Walmart for some groceries, then headed to a local Chevron for a $5 tank dump.  We then stopped at Target for some new shoes, and then visited the Tonto National Forest administrative offices to get a permit for the Bulldog Canyon OHV area.  It’s a free 6-month permit, and in exchange for submitting driver’s license information, the permit has the monthly combinations for the gate locks for all the entry points to the OHV area.  We entered from the North, and after some bike scouting I found a great spot about a mile in on unpaved Forest Service road 10 (also called Phon D Sutton road) off of Bush Highway.  See the trip map for details.

The sun had already gone down when I took these photos.  Our nearest neighbor is over half a mile away and out of sight.  I love the isolation of sites like these:


The views aren’t too shabby either:


With the directional cell antenna deployed, we’re getting 4G with three bars.  We’re looking forward to spending some time here!

Day 140: Apache Junction, Day 3
Day 142: Bulldog OHV area, Day 1

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