Condensate Line Fix

This isn’t an RV fix, but it was interesting anyway.  The house A/C air handler’s condensate drain line became clogged.  The installer of the line installed a handy cleanout location at the top of the tee, but the first junction is a 90 degree bend so I couldn’t get a snake past it to clear the clog:


The solution was to modify the drain line by adding a ball valve so that the line could be isolated from the air handler.  I also added a fitting to the cleanout that allows for the attachment of a garden hose:


With the new drain line assembled, I flushed out the clog using water pressure from the adjacent water heater’s drain spigot.  With the ball valve closed, all the water had to flow through the clogged line, not back through the air handler.  After 30 seconds of flushing the line with slowly increasing pressure, I removed the hose, opened the ball valve, and capped my new cleanout:


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