Day 144: Bulldog OHV area, Day 3

We had a relaxing Shabbos here in the Bulldog OHV section of Tonto National Forest.  A ranger was out looking for the owner of a tent camper that has been abandoned here for four weeks.  I’m surprised they don’t just tow it.

It was another beautiful morning:




After homeschooling, we decided to go for a bike ride.  Initially we headed south on the road the RV is on (FS 10):




I played with my phone’s “drama” photo mode which creates a single photo with multiple copies of a moving object:



After riding out and back on FS10, we rode down to Bush Highway and rode east to the Stewart Mountain Dam, which backs up the Salt River to create Saguaro Lake.  We peeked through the fence and then headed for home:




I did another ride with my son to explore westward on Bush Highway.  We were treated to another fantastic sunset:


We intended to do more homeschooling tonight, but our daughter was up very late last night after drinking what turned out to be a caffeinated beverage, so we put the kids to bed early.

Goodnight from the Bulldog OHV area!


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