Point of No Return

25 days to go!

The rental contract for our house is signed.  Yesterday, I submitted my resignation with an exit date of July 5th.  Looks like we are actually doing this!

Our evenings are spent wading through piles of stuff.  It either gets boxed for storage, bagged for the trash, or put in the “sell it” pile.  It’s hard for me to tell, but Trish tells me we should be more or less done by the time we have to move out on July 1st.

The “WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!” panic attacks come and go, but we soldier on.

Solar wiring continued
Mongaup Pond RV weekend

2 thoughts on “Point of No Return

  1. I accidentally commented on an entry from last year. Hopefully you will still see it. Anyhow, I am really inspired by your decision.


    Alan Siler

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