Day 163: Onward to Yuma

This morning we woke up and dumped and filled at the Shell station in Gila Bend, AZ.  While filling our water tanks, a fellow driving a truck camper asked if we were also going to Quartzsite and asked me if I’m a Ham.  I told him I was, and he invited us to camp with the other Hams converging on Quartzsite.  I hope there’s a contest for the youngest participant, because I think I probably have a pretty good chance of winning.

Our credit cards are about to expire, so we had ordered new credit cards to be made and shipped to local bank branches for pick up.  The first branch I called was so difficult to work with that I finally gave up and ordered Tricia’s card through the next branch down the road.  After picking up the cards, filling the gas tank, and buying some groceries, we made our way to Fortuna Pond BLM area for the night.  It’s an 8-acre pond with parking all around.  We backed into the trees around the pond for some privacy.

On Sunday, we head back to Quartzsite again for the full experience, as opposed to when we passed through last time and there weren’t many people there.

No photos today, so here’s a photo of Tricia’s Desert Ranger patch, earned yesterday at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument:


Good Shabbos from Fortuna Pond near Yuma, AZ!  See the trip map for route details.

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