Day 170: Yuma Proving Grounds museum

Waking up this morning, I thought something was wrong.  It was not dark out, but not light either.  Then I realized that we haven’t had a cloudy day in weeks around here.

We unhitched this morning and headed to the Yuma Proving Ground museum.  After a surprisingly long delay at the security checkpoint, we made our way to the museum parking lot.  There, on display is the control car for the longest land vehicle ever made, the overland train:



The control car is the foremost segment of the train, shown here during testing:


The museum was quite well done, covering all of the equipment and weapon systems testing that occurred at the proving grounds, and continue to this day:




We returned to our campsite a bit after noon.  Yesterday I had parked the RV sideways to give us a nice view of the lake as well as to provide privacy from the road:


Not a bad front yard view:


I went for a 30 minute kayak ride around the neighborhood:



Good Shabbos from Mittry Lake, AZ!

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2 thoughts on “Day 170: Yuma Proving Grounds museum

  1. The Yuma proving grounds is also the biggest superfund site in Arizona. Mostly due to the 500,000 gallons of spilled fuel that soaked down to ground water. But also due to lead from spent bullets, shell casings and occasional unexploded ordinance littering the range.

    Not trying to be a downer. It’s just part of my job to know this stuff. And thought I’d share. ^_^

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