Day 175: Heading to Anza Borrego

This morning we got up a little late.  We bought a few supplies at Walmart, and by 10am when we left Walmart it was already approaching 80 degrees.  We have to keep reminding ourselves that it’s January.

We drove Southeast towards the Salton Sea and Anza Borrego State Park.  The park allows dispersed camping, so we found a spot at a site recommended by WheelingIt.  There are about 50 RVs parked here over a very large area.  We deployed the new windsock and awning shade:


Once we unhitched from the RV, I drove out to the highway and went for a bike ride:


Almost immediately, I ran into John, who was returning from a 120ish mile ride to the Palomar Observatory and back.  He was moving along at a good pace, which told me he was a strong rider.  The fact that he asked if I wanted to ride tomorrow morning only reinforces this perception.  I told him I would see him in the morning.

Riding on alone, I headed East until I topped the local summit between here and the Salton Sea.  Bats raced along beside me as I rode back in the quickly darkening dusk.

We plan to hang out here for at least a week.  See the trip map for driving details.

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5 thoughts on “Day 175: Heading to Anza Borrego

  1. Hey Ben, I really appreciate the comments and pictures. Thanks for sharing what you guys are doing! Hope you have a good time there. Seems a little desolate to be spending a week there? Maybe there’s more there than at first glance. What are you planning to explore down there?

    • Hi Al, I’m glad you’re along for the virtual ride. Anza Borrego has slot canyons, giant metal sculptures, a palm oasis or two, jeep trails, and dark skies for astronomy. John, the fellow I went riding with today, parks his RV here for ten weeks every winter, so there are definitely things to do around here. Stay tuned!

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