Day 200: Giant Arrow for our Milestone

On this, our 200th day on the road, we decided to track down another giant concrete arrow in the desert.  We said goodbye to our hilltop perch overlooking Afton Canyon:


Here’s the view of the campground below.  It turned out that it was a good move to move up here Friday afternoon.  On Shabbos, I walked down to the campground and met several members of Boy Scout Troup 486 from Glendale, CA.  Our location was definitely more laid back.


B photographed some of the jewelry that she made for her American Girl doll:


We packed up and drove partway out to the highway, then pulled off the road and started hiking.  The arrow was about 1.2 miles to the North of us.  It was nice to see wildflowers as we walked:




Wild asparagus?


From the saddle we climbed over, we could see the hill with the arrow ahead of us:


Trish and B enjoy the view:


The hilltop is very small, so the tip of the arrow is right at the edge of the precipice:


M sits on the tower supports.  Like our last arrow, this arrow’s light tower was scrapped for the war effort in the ‘40s.




Looking to the rear, this pad may have once housed the control building:



Panorama looking down.  The arrow is on the left, the light tower supports are in the center, and the control shack pad is to the right:



I noticed this pair of beetles running around.  The one on top was hanging on for dear life:


After returning to the car, we drove East towards Las Vegas.  On the way, we passed the Ivanpah solar plant.  Thousands of mirrors reflect and focus the sun towards the tower, which glows from the heat.  This heat converts water into steam, which is used to drive turbines:


Today we drove to Las Vegas, and we will probably be here until Wednesday.  See the trip map for details.

B gets her own blog!
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