Day 273: Hors Catégorie to Whitney Portal

Wow, what a difference a day makes, it was just beautiful today:



In homeschool, B graphed the results from a poll she did:


Wheat free cookies were baked:


And quilt squares were made from worn out clothing:


After homeschool, I rode my first hors categorie climb – 4,700 feet of vertical over 12 miles to reach the top of Whitney Portal. The climb is #5 in California’s 10 toughest climbs and is said to be more difficult than the Tour De France’s Col du Toumalet.  The last 500 feet of vertical were really tough, and despite being on the edge of multiple muscle cramps I managed to ride non-stop to the top:


I took a couple photos on the way down:


Meanwhile, back at the RV, Trish and the kids worked on some art.  B’s painting is on the left, the other two are Tricia’s:


I think I’ll go to bed early tonight, hopefully I can walk tomorrow.

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