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When the kids go to sleep, I have a chance to work on my own art projects!  I have always struggled to capture realistic facial features in any medium, so I decided I would tackle eyes first.  I am so impressed with the amount and quality of art tutorials available on the internet today.  I simply searched for “oil pastel eyes” and found several pages of links and information.  I was especially impressed with one particular video that I watched several times and was eventually able to copy. 

Eye Study #1, in progress:


Eye Study #1, oil pastels, complete:


Tonight, I decided to try another approach which used pencil and watercolor.  The video I watched was a time-lapsed video of artist Mark Crilley drawing and painting an eye.  I was able to pause the video every few seconds and add to my drawing. 

Here, the artist is showing his chalk pastels that will be needed for the next step.  Sadly, I do not own chalk pastels.  Oh, well.


Eye Study #2, pencil, watercolor, charcoal:


This study needs more work.  The addition of chalk pastels would soften all the edges and lines for sure.  I am happy with the general shape of the eye, but I am still working on those pesky eye lashes. 

Showcasing Our Artwork
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