Day 277: The Wild Winds of the Alabama Hills

Shabbos was beautiful and relaxing in the Alabama Hills.  In the afternoon, it started to get quite windy.  Saturday night’s forecast called for gusts up to 80 miles per hour.  We could see that the large living room slide was being pushed in along the top edge by the wind.  I was concerned that this deflection could bend the hydraulics and rails that drive the slide, so we brought in the bunkhouse and living room slides and had M bring in his mattress and sleep in the kitchen and B slept on the living room couch.

None of us got very much sleep last night with the RV being blown around.  In the morning, I hitched the RV to the truck to insure that the winds couldn’t snap off the forward landing gear.

Since we couldn’t go outside, we did homeschool.  By the afternoon, the winds eased a bit and we could go outside:


Trish did some more work on her quilt made from scraps of the kids’ worn out clothing:


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