Day 294: Blackhawk Powered Paragliding Training, Day 4

This morning, I had my first untethered flight.  Since it was past the recommended first three hours of the day to fly in the smoothest skies, Joe had initially said we would just practice running with the motor on, but towards the end of my run he had me go to full throttle and I took off!  In the video, I made fellow student Dave nervous with my slow rate of climb, but from where I was sitting I wasn’t even close to hitting the trees:

The air was a bit bumpy, and I must say this was the most terrifying experience of my life.  Joe was having me practice turns, but after the third time flying over the LZ I yelled down “I want to come down!”, so Joe brought me down.  Hopefully my next flight will be in smoother air.

This afternoon, I took a nap and the kids worked on their North American geography as well as triangle type identification:




I’m looking forward to another great flight tomorrow!

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