Day 321: Mice and Bears

This morning, we had indeed caught mouse #2 in a trap.  We disposed of his body and continued North on the Cassiar Highway.

After a bit, we reached Jade City.  Most of Canada’s sizeable jade exports are mined within 50 miles of here.  We stopped in to see the wide selection of Canada-mined, Chinese-crafted jade pieces for sale here.  There was a sign saying that a reality TV series called “Jade City” is being filmed here.  The things people will watch…


We stopped at Boya Lake Provincial Park to fill up our water tank.  We wanted to do a bit of hiking and fishing, but it was raining so we kept driving.  As we continued North, the Cassiar became more difficult to drive due to frost heaving.  We have seen five bears so far today!

At last we passed the “Welcome to Yukon Territory” sign and shortly thereafter we reached the end of the Cassiar Highway.  We turned left onto the AlCan, heading West.

After a bit we had to stop for road construction.  A new layer of chipseal was being laid down:


We followed the pilot car and saw the oil being sprayed to accept to the chipseal gravel:


We stopped in Teslin and filled up on comparatively cheap $1.51 per liter diesel, had lunch, and were able to use our cell phone for the first time since we turned on to the Cassiar Highway.  The drive to Whitehorse was plenty scenic:


At last we arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.  The Walmart parking lot had over 100 RVs parked in it, so we drove a couple blocks to “The Real Canadian Superstore”, which looks to be a green version of Walmart.  We are the only RV in the lot, and the WiFi from the nearby A&W is quite good.

We’re above 60 degrees North latitude, and when we went to sleep at 1AM, it was still light enough to read outside.  It never gets dark enough to see the stars here this time of year.

Again, just before bed, B spotted a THIRD mouse in the RV, so we will again set out traps.  Grr!

See the trip map for driving details and our current location.

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