Day 1: Cabela’s Superstore

Leaving our house in Rockland County, NY, we drove through the driving rain Westward. The original plan was to take Route 80 across Pennsylvania and spend the night at a Walmart in Du Bois or Clarion, but I checked my “RV places to see” list and realize we would be going somewhere close to the Cabelas Super Store near Hamburg, Pennsylvania. So we decided to go down that way.  This is the kind of unplanned wandering that we could never do on our strictly regimented summer vacations, but since there are 350ish days left on this trip, why not?

We arrived at sunset and found an entire section of the parking lot is dedicated specifically for RVs:


The superstore is a quarter million square feet is size. The airplane in the background of this photograph is full size, and its hanging from the ceiling. There’s also an extensive aquarium and several displays of stuffed animals like the one shown here:


The fishing section alone is larger than some sporting goods stores I’ve visited in the past.  Good thing real estate is cheap out here!

Our amazing WiFi antenna and amplifier are working incredibly well, and right now all of our wireless devices are connected via our wireless router and through the antenna to a wireless access point at a Lowe’s about half a mile from here.  Amazing!  All of this is being powered by our inverter which is wired into the breaker box, allowing every outlet in the RV to provide A/C power.

We drove about 150 miles today.  Tomorrow we continue to head West, hopefully putting in another 300 miles or so.  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

Day 1: At long last, the adventure begins!
Day 2: Cabela’s to Laurel Mountain SP, PA

7 thoughts on “Day 1: Cabela’s Superstore

  1. The WiFi antenna/amplifier is indeed cool, but how do you find the open access points? Slowly rotate the mast while watching a list of available unauthenticated WiFi signals until you find something good?

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