Day 342: Red Salmon on the Kenai River

This morning I removed the hub and found that the brake arm mounted on the hub backing is sticking.  This is probably what caused the wheel to shear off – once the brakes were applied, the brakes on that wheel did not turn off, causing continuous stress on that wheel.  I disabled the brake arm on the defective hub backing so we could continue driving.

We drove the RV into Soldotna and purchased a new hub backing.  We then visited the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge just out of town.  We went for a nice hike though the boreal forest to a lake:



Back at the visitor center, they had on display the skulls of two moose that had become entangled during fighting and died.  This is at least the third visitor center I’ve visited that has such a display, which makes me wonder how common of a problem this is:



The kids received their Junior Ranger patches after completing the workbook.

We next visited the Kenai River, which flows through Soldotna.  A fellow was prepping fillets from some Red Salmon his family had caught:




Next we drove over to Fred Meyer where we will be overnighting.  I removed the wheel and hub, removed the faulty hub backing, installed the new hub backing, and reinstalled the hub:


The annual run of Red Salmon up the Kenai, peaking at over 200,000 fish per day, makes this the fishing capital of the world, at least for a week or so.  Obviously we’re not the only ones who know about it; I feel sorry for Fred Meyer shoppers:


I bought a one-day fishing license that I’ll be using tomorrow.  Look out salmon!

See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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