Day 344: The End of the Road

We were startled out of bed this morning at 3:45AM by Fred Meyer staff.  They needed us to move our truck so that they could bring a semi into the parking lot.  Thankfully, we had unhitched from the RV, and they didn’t ask me to move the RV.

After getting up the second time at a more reasonable hour, we drove South to Homer, at the Southern terminus of the Sterling Highway.  This is literally the end of the road.  We found a spot at the city campground which is located at the beginning of the Homer Spit. $15 a night gets you parking lot-style camping with no hookups:


Our neighbor is using his boat as an RV:


Down of the beach, we could see a couple guys setting up to do some kitesurfing in the distance:


We dropped off Trish at the Laundromat and I took the kids to the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center, operated by staff from the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge:


The visitor center was very well done, and the Junior Ranger workbook was quite challenging as well:


The kids received their badges.  Because it’s a wildlife refuge, the patch is for “Junior Biologist”, not Junior Ranger:


Homer humor:


In Homer you can stand on the beach and see glaciers across the bay:


I went for a bike ride out to the end of the spit, where the harbor is:



I then rode up to Skyline Road where I could look down on the spit and the mountains across the bay:


Homer is a wonderful little town, in the summer anyway.  Good Shabbos from Homer, Alaska!  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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