Day 366: Leaf spring replacement

From the Lowe’s of Kalispell, we drove a few miles to an RV shop that had a replacement for our broken leaf spring.  I purchased a pair since both sides of the axle should be replaced so that the axle rides level.  To remove the leaf spring, I removed the tire, unbolted the axle from the spring, and unbolted the spring from the frame.  At last it was out.  The gap in the photo below is where the leaf cracked and slid away from the center:


Here’s the RV with the spring removed:


Bolting the new spring in place:


Replacing the tire:



While I was doing this, Trish did our laundry, so we regrouped with clean clothes and a working RV.  We drove South through Missoula to Corvallis, Montana to visit Tricia’s Aunt Linda, who lives on a horse farm here.  We’re looking forward to spending a few days here before moving on.

Good Shabbos from Corvallis, Montana!  See the trip map for today’s drive and our current location.

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